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Meet Patricia Lopez

I am a Global Executive Search & Coaching Consultant who has the privilege of being based between the UK and Spain. I have been placing candidates from senior management to Board of Director level in some of the most prestigious global organisations such as LVMH, Tapestry Group, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, Nike, adidas, Aesop, Amazon and Center Parcs amongst many others across Europe, the US and Asia. I have built extremely solid relationships with these businesses and I am proud to have earned their trust throughout long-term partnerships. I am fluent in four languages and have studied and worked in the UK, France, Switzerland, Spain and the US.


Throughout my career I have been supporting my candidates prepare for their interviews in order to get the best of themselves. My experience of over 15 years with these global organisations has meant that I have been continuously receiving feedback from HR teams, CEOs and CCOs on candidates´ performance at interview. This has given me a unique and invaluable understanding of what makes someone succeed and stand out from the competition as well as the potential pitfalls and common mistakes that end up in a failed interview. 

I have coached thousands of professionals on how to successfully pitch themselves during interviews with both top tier global businesses and entrepreneurial start-ups. Crucially, I understand how HR departments and Board of Directors work and know what they are looking for as well as what makes them reject candidates. And last but not least, I genuinely care about my candidates and about making a positive impact in their lives.

I am a great believer that a great professional who excels at their job might not necessarily be naturally gifted at interviewing. This is why I am extremely passionate about bringing that talent out into the light, refining stories and pushing people to be the best version of themselves. 

Please don´t hesitate to get in touch. You can email me at

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