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  • Patricia Lopez

Should I Invest In An Expert To Upgrade My CV & Linkedin Profile?

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Is it really necessary to invest in an expert to work on your CV & Linkedin profile one might wonder when, who better than oneself to know our own career and experience?

Yet there is one basic but oh so important element that completely tips the balance to the other side. The right professional will know exactly what employers are looking for in your CV or Linkedin profile. They will know how little time HR/Recruitment teams have to scan every CV or profile that enters their field of vision while their minds are filled with hundreds of other profiles they have scanned over the previous couple of hours. Candidate information and details become a blur and these often busy and time constrained HR professionals end up scanning for key words, the main elements they know the hiring manager is looking for. These key words and how they are presented in order to maximise visibility are of paramount importance and are likely to make the difference in many instances between success and failure.

If you need more convincing, I will share a somewhat worrying fact. I have lost count of the number of candidates who I have recruited who had a few weeks or a month prior sent their CVs directly to the company (for the same role that I ended up recruiting them for) and had their applications ignored. Needless to say these candidates were perfectly suited for the roles as proven by the fact that I placed them in those positions, however the internal Recruitment teams within these businesses had failed to identify their applications as valid.

Having the right content is clearly crucial and striking the right balance between providing substance without writing a War & Peace document that might make the reader fall asleep, is another box to be ticked. The closer the expert is to your specific field the better. If they have experience recruiting within your industry or functional area of expertise, they will know inside out what companies are looking for when recruiting for your role. Remember that an external recruiter is receiving constant feedback from their clients about what they liked or didn´t like about a CV. They will have a finely tuned vision and full awareness of what your CV or profile needs to say to immediately capture the interest of a prospective employer. Equally, an expert with experience as an in-house Recruitment/HR Manager will also have this perspective. The only downside is that even a highly experienced ex-HR professional is likely to have worked for 5-10 organisations at the most throughout their career, limiting their scope of vision. A similarly experienced external recruiter might have worked for 50-100 (if not more) businesses, allowing them to have a much more solid and wider vision of different organisations´ needs.

Last but not least, aesthetics is another area where a Coach should add value. A CV that looked great 10 years ago will certainly look outdated in today´s world. And whilst I love seeing someone´s personality reflected both in the content and the aesthetics of their CV, they should also reflect a sleek & contemporary approach that tells your prospective employer that you are fully up to date with the market.

If you need help elevating your CV & Linkedin profile, I will be thrilled to support you. Please email me at

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