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75 minute Interview Coaching Sessions

The Perfect Troubleshooting Solution

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Elevate your CV & Linkedin Profile - Raising the Bar

Interview Coaching 

75 minute Coaching Sessions
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Many people struggle with how to approach interviews and present themselves effectively. 

Interview Coaching gives you all the tools you need as well as the confidence to walk into any interview knowing that you are about to make a wonderful impact.

I have met with countless professionals who were truly fantastic in their jobs, however were at a loss in terms of how to present themselves in the best way when it came to interviews. 

Reciting and enumerating the information that is already in your CV is not going to make you stand out. The best thing is that, once you master a few simple techniques and truly understand why it is important to say certain things in a certain way and approach important matters in a specific manner, you will have most of the tools that you will need to tackle any interview in the future.



Who is interview coaching for?

I train managers, senior managers, directors and VPs in all sectors as well as students and new graduates. Interview Coaching can generate extraordinary results wherever you are in your career path.


  • An Initial Questionnaire which you will receive prior to our meeting

  • A Mock Interview conducted via video call lasting approximately 50 minutes where I will assess your answers. I will observe your pain points and will identify your strengths.

  • A second conversation via video call of approximately 25 minutes where I will coach you on how to present the perfect pitch based on your strengths and achievements linked to the requirements for the role. I will also teach you how to tackle specific questions including salary negotiations. We will work on elevating and maximising your performance.




All interview coaching sessions include:

  • Practice Interview with in-depth feedback and coaching

  • Follow-up email with feedback report

  • Email-based follow-up for 2 months

Clients who have had the interview coaching session will be able to have further 1 hour sessions in the future at a cost of €200.

30 minute Coffee Q&A Session

This option is perfect for those of you who have very specific questions. You might not wish to have a full Interview Coaching session, however you perhaps have specific questions on how to position yourself in certain situations, how to approach specific matters or how to negotiate salary and other variables.




  • A questionnaire sent to you via email which will allow your coach to prepare fully in advance 

  • A video call lasting 30 minutes and where you will have full control of the matters that you wish to discuss

  • A follow-up plan of attack from your Coach




€99 per session

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CV & Linkedin Review

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It is important never to underestimate how crucial it is to have both an impactful CV and professional online profile. This will be the factor that will determine whether you receive the call to attend your first interview!




  • A 45 minute chat over video call

  • An updated CV from your Coach 

  • A fully updated and optimised Linkedin profile tailored to your needs





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