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I can’t recommend Patricia enough, she is a truly amazing coach . She has a wealth of knowledge into what companies are looking for in such a competitive market. She is highly professional and insightful and at the same time very warm and personable, giving extremely valuable feedback. There is definitely a before and after in terms of how I approach interviews. She is by the far the first person I ever go to for interview and career advice throughout my professional career.

Nathan Ness, Market Director UK, Holland & Nordics, Camper, London

Patricia is incredibly  professional and knowledgeable. During the entire process she was supportive, interested and well versed in the industry. After 10 year in the US interacting with the best headhunters in the world I had high expectations and Patricia exceeded them during every step of the process.

Anna Sanchez-Bendahan, Senior Commercial Manager Klarna, Rome

I met Patricia over 10 years ago and we are still in touch. She is very sharp with a unique approach. She sees what would be a perfect fit for a candidate or any executive company searches. She constantly brings guidance during the process & follows up afterwards, Beyond her strong knowledge of the industry, she has been instrumental in helping myself make the right decision and find my dream job. She has a strong sense of emotional intelligence that makes you comfortable right away.

Sophie La Pointe, ex- MD Americas & EMEA La Perla,
New York

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Patricia coached me and placed me in my last role which involved relocating internationally. The value that she added to my recruitment process was phenomenal. She has a great perception of what companies are looking for as well as what your areas of strength and weakness are. She is able to guide you on how to work with them in order to maximise your chances. Her extremely approachable & open personality meant that I felt very comfortable and confident throughout the whole process. It is a game changer and I strongly recommend her.

Ilker Buyukkurt, Senior Assortment Planner EMEA Nike, Amsterdam


10 out of 10. Patricia is amongst the very best in the industry. She is smart, intuitive and knows so well how to navigate the internal dynamics within international organisations and how this applies at interview. She provided me with incredible support at all stages. She followed me closely to make sure that I felt confident in all areas and I managed to face a very successful interview! Her experience & great skills  give her a unique sensibility to customise a program that fit me for the role and for the type of interview that I was going into. Patricia´s coaching allowed me to internalise a work method that I will definitely use throughout my career  . I rely 100% on her for every career move I have made for the last 9 years. 

Ariana Chiche, Retail Manager Portugal Massimo Dutti, Inditex, Lisbon

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Professionalism, commitment, and reliability with a human touch.  Patricia´s coaching gave me the strength I needed to face the challenging interview process with confidence. She not only guided me developing my career but took care of me all the way along this exciting and life-changing journey.  I couldn't thank you enough!

Alvaro Pamos, Retail Manager UK, Holland & Nordics Camper, London

Patricia was incredible at coaching me for a senior and rather daunting role. The time she dedicated to me in discussing key business priorities was unbelievably helpful, and the detail she gave me on key stakeholders involved in the recruitment process gave me the confidence through all of the interview stages I went through. The sessions we had were very structured and outcome led, and I felt fully prepared and confident throughout the process. I would recommend coaching with Patricia to all my senior business peers. 

Laura Keates, Ex- Head of Client Services, Webb deVlam, London

Highly recommend. 

Patricia is extremely professional and insightful. I found the whole process very inspiring and she gives you the confidence that you need on the day. Simple, perfect, won´t be able to do without her from now on.

Marga Arrom, ex- Global Director Digital Creative Media, Burberry, London

Just the thought of going through an interview process for that dream job used to make my stomach turn, and I didn´t know how to talk about myself and my achievements in a way that would make me stand out. Patricia has been an invaluable support, helping me build the tools and the confidence I need in any recruitment process and I could not recommend her services higher. She is incredibly knowledgeable and insightful, and the perfect combination of professional and personable - challenging you and helping you push yourself while at the same time making you feel comfortable and supported. She will be the first person I call when I´m ready for a new  challenge!

Antonia Hylten-Cavallius, Head of Administration, NMPro AB/
Persia´s Got Talent,

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